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The Advantage To Be Successful Business Owners If They Overcome This One Thing

Updated: Feb 22, 2023


Did you know that non-profit workers made up the 3rd largest workforce in the USA before the pandemic?  As the unemployment rate in April 2020 increased by 10.3 percentage points to 14.7 percent (US Bureau of Labor Statistics), non-profit organizations have not been immune to job loss. Non-profit leaders have had to make the difficult decision to either furlough or lay off very qualified people.  Those released may have a chance to go back if the organization survives while others may not have a choice to go back or are weighing their options. Some are either waiting to see if things “go back normal,” others are dusting off the resumes and seeking another job. In contrast, others have decided that they will start a new journey, including a new business venture, no matter what happens.


For those of you who are considering starting your own business, know that non-profit leaders have vital qualities that will benefit an aspiring business owner such as: ·        having a strong work ethic ·        being a self-starter ·        being resourceful ·        understanding and embracing the importance of the mission ·        ability to juggle several responsibilities at one time ·        having strong communication skills ·        capacity to self-motivate ·        able to persevere through difficult times ·        strong people skills ·        adept at adjusting as needed ·        effective leadership and management skills

Working for a non-profit/services based organization teaches you to be very resourceful, making every dollar count, and at times having to do without all the needed resources. You make it work with limited resources. For more than twenty years, I worked for a reputable non-profit, where I gained many skills. I learned how to make programs happen for the customers while staying within the budget.  


When I left the non-profit, I realized that I had to overcome one thing-my money mindset. I had to detox my way of thinking about money for my business and my general outlook of money.  A money mindset is the one key thing that will trip you up in being successful in your next endeavor if you are working in the mindset of scarcity. The money mindset is made up of six essential elements. Find out what they are in my upcoming workshop. I invite you to learn more about your money mindset and the six elements by signing up for The 6 Essential Money Beliefs For Business Success.  How you see money and your belief in money has a big impact on your business or work success. In this workshop, you will gain an understanding of how the six beliefs transform your money mindset.


Although I no longer work for a non-profit, I have returned as a volunteer. It has been such a rewarding experience to be a volunteer and donor. Whatever you choose to do in the next phase of your career, always remember the non-profit organizations need and want our support, especially now. You may no longer work there, but you can still support them through your time, donations, and advocacy.

Executive Coach Ligia Gutierrez is a heart-centered leadership coach that provides a proven transformational private coaching program. Ligia had a twenty-five-year career in non-profit. Ligia will coach you through your career transition, so you are not trying to figure things out on your own as you delve into finding your new career either through a job, starting a side hustle, or both.  

Love Your Mission Leadership Coaching & Training honors the client's uniqueness and focuses on what is needed for short and long-term success.  Gain confidence, a sense of security, find order in chaos, and strengthen leadership skills, so you are the best leader for those you serve, even if you are a team of one. If you are ready to stop worrying about what to do in your career and business invest in yourself, you deserve it. Schedule a free Heart-Centered Discovery Call Today.

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