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Career Change Mini Workshop

A  Free Workshop on How to be Successful in your Next Transition

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Presented by Ligia L. Gutierrez,
at Love Your Mission Leadership & Career Coaching

Ligia L. Gutierrez helps clients strategize how to upgrade their careers by achieving focus, clarity, overcoming challenges & money mindset blocks, so they are confident and happy.

Are You Ready For A Career Change?

 If you are looking for clarity on the right time to make a job change, this program is for you. You will learn what holds people back from quitting their current position and how others can help your transition. It’s designed specifically around helping individuals determine if now is the best time in their lives for them personally and professionally before they take any action towards making that career move happen! We want our students only to move forward into something new once they feel confident about doing so because we know there’s no better feeling than knowing exactly what direction your life should be headed next!

Sign up today before spots fill up and save yourself some stress down the road.  This is a free Bootcamp, but you must sign up to access the replays, workbook, and prizes. Recordings of the sessions will be made available if you are unable to attend live.

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