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5 Signs Its Time To Make A Career Change

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

I loved my job until it became all-consuming, and I felt like I was drowning. The hours and work increased with no additional help. I found myself less excited about what I was doing--it had become a chore for me instead of something that inspired passion within me. My family took the backseat to all those I served through the work I did. I justified why I was working so late. I told myself because we were nonprofit, we could not afford to get me more help even though I had grown the programs exponentially.

I did not realize that the physical pains I had were not typical. I was on the verge of burnout, and I just kept making excuses of why I needed to do the work I needed. I felt too many were counting on me. Then one day, I realized that I needed to make a drastic change or I was going to be in the hospital. Sometimes we don't know when to make a career change; here are five signs it may be time to decide on making a change.

1. You’ve lost your passion.

Think about what drew you into the job in the first place. Try to remember your passions and why they applied then, but don't be afraid of change as you advance in your career. If it's different from what you want now, there’s no shame in finding something that aligns with who you are at this point.

2. You are not progressing and developing professionally.

Working in a job that doesn't help us grow and evolve will make our tasks feel like a burden. If your current position doesn’t provide opportunities to learn or make you question what impact this work has on society, other jobs might fulfill your needs.

A new career can mean something meaningful in both our original workplace and somewhere else, so don't wait around before starting the search process right away!

3. You’re burnt out.

Everyone has a different work-life balance. Some people love their jobs and enjoy spending time at the office, while others look for more flexibility in scheduling to live an active lifestyle outside the workplace.

Make sure to download my free burnout guide to get additional information. Visit this link to get your free guide: Consider working part-time if this is something you can do financially and feel like your job takes up all of your time and leaves no room for anything else. A part-time position would allow you to focus on specific tasks without feeling overwhelmed by the stress.

4. You may not be happy with the culture in your workplace.

A bad work environment can make any job terrible. Destructive coworker dynamics, an unfavorable boss, or a lack of pleasant people at the office are all reasons why you should look for another role if these issues aren't resolved quickly enough (or ever). Many turnovers in jobs indicate something wrong with company culture and morale--choosing a career carefully next time could prevent future frustration before it happens!

5. You don't feel as though your thoughts, opinions, and contributions are valued.

Do you feel like your company doesn't appreciate all the hard work that you put in? Are they making it seem as if working harder than others is not worth any incentives to them?

There are plenty of other companies out there who would love to have someone with talent and dedication at their side. Find an employer who will value your strength and reward accordingly!

If you are feeling stuck in a career, there is no need to give up. Consider these five signs it may be time for a change and see if any of them resonate with your current situation. Once you have recognized the problem, explore whether or not it’s worth exploring other possible careers that might make better use of your skillset and interests. I can help by providing resources about different jobs and tips for how to pursue those opportunities.

Tackle self-doubt and fear through the craziness of a career transition with an experienced and encouraging coach. Find the path to feeling confident, secure, and fulfilled. It's OK to get help, so you don't waste time, energy, and money. Start by booking your free personalized consultation call to see what phase you are in and the steps to take. Schedule your call here now:

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