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Ten Complimentary resources to help you in your relationship and business.

A gathering of women who want you to succeed in your relationship and career.  We are ten women helping other women thrive in business and relationships.

A Week in Spring 2020: Online Conference for Small Business Owners




Women's Empowerment Coach

It is my passion to help diverse professional women regain their confidence by reminding them of the strength and power within them!   My free gift to you is the "April 2020 EMPOWERU! Boot Camp" to help you map the path of your new life!   You are given coaching for a powerfully positive mindset, business strategies to begin the development of your own business and a Personal Action Plan for daily steps forward to find you truly deserved success! It all begins with a one to one meeting with me followed by the April 2020 EMPOWERU! 5 Day Boot Camp for your heart, your mind & your spirit!  I can’t wait to meet you!


Productivity Coach

There is a lot of information out there relating to  COVID-19 Business Aid and it can be confusing!  I have done the research for you so you don't have to.  My gift to you is a downloadable "The 2020 COVID-19 Business Aid and Resource List". This invaluable tool will give you clarity during this ever-evolving time.  I have the drive to help you create the time to build and grow your business online.  Get your free one-stop compilation of key government aid, resources, and information.

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Business Coach

How many times have you wished you had a better introduction?  You want to be remembered not forgotten as soon as you finish introducing yourself. My life mission is to spread Funny Millionaires, where you can do what you love, making the money you deserve while excelling at your craft.  My gift to you is "5 Minutes To A Funny and Unforgettable Introduction."


Business & Productivity Coach for Female Entrepreneurs

Struggling with managing your time? Learn how to redesign your time and run your business, have time for your family and carve out time for yourself with my free downloadable blueprint. I am passionate about helping other women.  I help mompreneurs do the work they love and still have time for their family.  My free gift to you is "The Redesign Your Time Blueprint".  

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Love and Intimacy Coach

Do you feel the spark is gone in your relationship? I can show you how to get it back and keep it for good! “I am on a mission to help other women create intimacy within their homes to create a fulfilling and satisfying love life." Take the 1st step to creating the passionate, satisfying, and fulfilling relationship that you have always wanted.  My gift to you is a complimentary 30 Minute Cultivating More Love Session.


Branding Strategist

I help you create an amazing online presence based on who you are at your core and who you want to serve in your business. My gift to you is a personalized branding guide based on a completed online assessment. The guide includes fonts, colors and messaging tips for your ideal client.

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Business Leadership Coach & Trainer

Are you ready to stop trying to figure out your niche and what to charge so you can move on to serving your clients and have a lucrative business without slashing your prices?  I am on a mission to provide an open and heart-centered space for women leaders to feel secure, in control, focused, and confident. My gift to you is my free workshop "How to Get Out of Niche and Pricing Overwhelm."  This personalized workshop will help you get out of niche and pricing overwhelm so you can start attracting new clients with confidence, freedom, and clarity.


Productivity Ninja

Go from stressed and overwhelmed to calm and collected in the face of challenging times. Get The Secret to creating resilience in your business and your life – in as little as 5 minutes a day. I supercharge your productivity, business or career without giving up your social life! My gift to you is a free Boost Your Bounceback-ability Pack to build your resilience in your business, your work, and your life.

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Business Tech Strategist

There are easier ways to do things with a variety of automation tools.  I help develop mobile applications for businesses to simplify, systematize and automate workflows, saving time and money. My free gift to you is the Free Tools Time Saving Automation Guide to help you save time and money.


Plan B Strategist

I help you find a successful source of revenue, so you don't have to depend on your full-time job, nor your hands-on business, I will teach you to generate an income while you sleep and also run your business remotely no matter where you are on the world. My gift to you is a Plan B Strategy Call & Gift Card to help you in creating multiple streams of income.

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A Week in Spring 2020: Online Conference for Small Business Owners is brought to you by Ligia L. Gutierrez (Love Your Mission Coaching & Training) and Ms. Vihil H. Vigil (Therapeutic Empowerment Coaching for Women | Magistra International)

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