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Image by Sam Moqadam

I AM  Ligia L. Gutierrez


Empowering You To Enjoy What You Do Everyday, Not Just On Your Days Off.

How can I support you?

I provide you a safe and trusting space where you will feel valued, appreciated, and successfulChanging jobs/careers can be nerve-wracking and downright frightening.  I believe everyone deserves a coach who will hold you accountable in a caring way and is a servant leader, NOT a coach who is a dream crusher and wants you to do what THEY think you should be doing without any regard to uplifting your dreams. I am motivated to serve mission-driven leaders to be the best for themselves and those they serve. 

It has been a pleasure to be a leader, coach, and mentor for many staff, students, and leaders in the making who have had a positive transformation throughout my career.  It gives me the joy to be of service.

I bring to you over twenty-five years of leadership development that you can tap into.  I have a personalized approach to working with high-achieving clients like you.  I love to sprinkle unexpected fairy dust (extraordinary service) on all that I do. 

As your coach and consultant, I use my personal, business, and educational experience, which includes a Master's of Science Degree in Management and Leadership, and a Bachelor in Social Work, to support you in creating a career that will support your life goals.  I love being a certified Money Breakthrough Business Coach, who is joyfully a wife, mom of two teenagers, and a crazy papillon named Olympia, and a chill kitty named Gojira.  

When I am not coaching and consulting, I play in the dirt, take photographs, read, volunteer, or enjoy a delicious herbal tea while watching one of my favorite YouTube channels. 

Here are some of my favorite channels that will give you an insight into me: Garden Answer, New Rockstar, The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, Jenny Lorenzo, Pat Flynn, Frank James, Justine LeConte, Epic Gardening, and Dominique Sache.  

Ready to figure out your next career, so you don't waste time and energy? 

Schedule a call with me today.  It's the quickest way to know if my coaching approach and programs are right for you.  

If the thought of having a call gives you hives, let's text message it out by using the chat below.  I will reach out immediately if I am online, or my auto-respond will connect with you until I can.

Not sure yet? Rather than connecting with me after weeks/months of getting my emails, join me weekly on my free coaching call. Subscribe to get info on the upcoming call.

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