• I serve heart-centered leaders who are trying to figure out what to do next in their career. 

  • I help you find clarity and loving your purpose/mission is my specialty.

  • I am on a mission to develop strong and heart-centered people because everyone deserves a good leader.

  • It infuriates me when a leader is expected to do their job with little to no support, training, or coaching.  

  • I believe that being a leader of one or many can be uplifting, fun, and rewarding. 

  • Leading and managing should not be so hard; I embrace simple over complicated methods to get to the same outcome.

  • I don’t believe that a leader should have to learn how to be successful by trial and error.

  • People turn to me for leadership development, and I won't disappoint.

Ligia Gutierrez is Love Your Mission

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Empowering Others While Embracing Simplicity

Ligia has a passion for supporting heart-centered and mission-driven leaders to be the best for themselves and the team they lead.  She provides a safe and trusting space where clients can stop being the one who has to always have the answers.  Where clients feel valued, appreciated, and successful.  She believes everyone deserves a good leader who is both strong and heart-centered. 
She loves providing retreats, coaching/mentoring, training, and sharing resources to staff, volunteers, and leaders in the making.
With over twenty-five years of leadership and youth development, she brings a personalized approach to working with high achieving clients.  She makes use of her personal, business, and educational experience, which includes a Master’s of Science Degree in Management and Leadership, and a Bachelor in Social Work to support her clients.  Ligia is a wife, mom of two teenagers and a crazy papillon named Olympia.


Love Your Mission Leadership Coaching

Sacramento, CA  United States

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