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Simple Steps To Have Niche and Pricing Clarity So You Can Serve More Customers.

Uncover new opportunities to serve your market. It's time for a niche breakthrough! It can also be challenging to find the right balance of pricing your services to convert without undercharging for your value. You will receive a personalized workshop and coaching.



At first, I was unclear about what I wanted to do after I got my Master of Science in Leadership and Management.  I loved having a flexible schedule that worked with my family.   So I embarked on the journey of having my own coaching business.  I have been coaching for years, but this was my first time venturing on my own.  I thought it was going to be easy.   I hit a massive wall of who do I want to serve?  I felt that my skills and training would benefit EVERYONE.  Why do I have to be specific?  Well, I guess that is too broad.  Ugh…who are these experts who keep saying to niche down?  I was so annoyed with this direction that everyone seemed to be saying. Of course, the ones saying it are super successful, so I embarked on my quest for the elusive niche that I needed.  Here is what I have learned, you can take all the course you can, but without the support of working with someone that focuses directly with you, you will end up spinning your wheels if you are unsure of who to serve.  That is why in this free workshop, you will get personalized, hands-on support from me, so you don’t waste time searching for who you serve and what to charge.


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