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Erase Your Money Fears Presentation:
For The Fundraiser That Hates To Ask For Money

Are you a volunteer fundraiser or nonprofit leader who wants to be more effective in your work?


We all have money fears and barriers that may be holding us back from raising more donations.

In this presentation, attendees will:

  • Understand what makes them tick when it comes to money (freeing them from negative self–judgment & doubt).

  • Each participant will do a Sacred Money Archetype® Assessment before the workshop.

  • Discover your three core money strengths (and how to use them to be a more impactful fundraiser).


You can feel confident knowing you give your donors the best experience possible while also being true to yourself. You’ll leave with tools and strategies that can help you raise even more for your organization by gaining a better understanding of your money archetype!

8 Money Personality Archetypes

Breakdown of the

Team/Organization's Archetypes

Donor Approach to Giving

By Archetype


When you have to raise money for someone else, it can be exciting, but it can also be stressful and overwhelming. The first time I was asked to approach people in my network for donations, I felt sick. The third and 15th times were no better. It still made me nervous and anxious. I did not understand why this triggered me. You would think I would say no, but I worked for a nonprofit for over twenty years, so it was part of the job. It was not until I discovered my Sacred Money Archetypes® that I had the insight to become comfortable in how I approach fundraising. I learned how to address the emotional tie to asking people for money to be a more impactful fundraiser. I gained an understanding of my money code and my money barriers.


I developed The Erase Your Money Fears Presentation so individuals gain an insight into their money fears and barriers that is holding them from being a confident fundraiser. By offerings this presentation, organizations will raise more funds by empowering the staff and volunteers with the knowledge of their money archetype.


This virtual presentation is personalized for each organization. Commitment will be based on the time availability of your organization. If you are interested in a live presentation, set up a call with Ligia to discuss options and fees.


Presentations are available in the following lengths and fees do vary:

The host organization will get data insight into the group's makeup and how to use this to your benefit rather than dealing with negative money behaviors.



Ligia Gutierrez is a management & leadership specialist, a career coach/consultant, a certified Money Breakthrough Business Coach™, Sacred Money Archetype® coach, and Founder/Owner at Love Your Mission Coaching & Consulting. Ligia is a former non-profit Executive, with over twenty years of experience in volunteer, staff, and youth development. Ligia provides a safe and trusting space where clients feel valued, appreciated, and confident.


Lori C. Villarreal, Executive Director at Wylie ISD Education Foundation, Inc

As the Executive Director of a Foundation working to enhance education in a local public school system, I lead volunteers in raising the financial resources needed to keep our impactful promises year after year. My confidence in fundraising comes from years of experience. Translating my learnings to a team of volunteers requires continuous coaching and a lot of pep talks.

In just a bit of time, Mrs. Gutierrez cut straight to the emotional heart of the matter, unveiling our personal money archetypes and how they impact our attitudes toward giving and asking for money.

We each took away personal learning but found patterns in our organizational attitude as we discern how and how much money we spend and how this effects our goal setting. What an eye opening process that put our board in sync with a shared language and understanding of how we see money and how it effects our decisions. A little bit of time on our part and a lot of great coaching from Mrs. Gutierrez made us much more prepared to tackle an ambitious future for our students.

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