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Lessons from Cheerleaders: How to Stay Confident and Flexible in Your Pursuit of Dreams

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

Here is a mindset shift when you are looking for cheering on and motivation.

Your family, friends, coworkers, your boss, your cat, dog, etc. can be your biggest supporters or your biggest detractors of your goals, dreams, and aspirations.

Are you looking at them to validate you? Maybe you find your feelings are getting hurt when they are not as excited or supportive of YOU as YOU think they should be.

Stop looking at them to be your cheerleader for your dreams.

It's not their dreams. They have their own dreams. It is your responsibility to drive your goals to where you want them to be. This really comes into play, especially when you are working from home, are the only one in your department, or you are the only employee of your company. Your internal drive to motivate YOU must be there. I am not saying it does not feel good when someone you love or care about gives you support and cheers you on, but they cannot be with you 24/7 to keep you uplifted.

You are in charge of your inner cheerleader. Train your inner cheerleader every day to push you through the ups and downs that come with your journey of self-development and dream making.

What can you train your inner cheerleader on?

Here are some ideas that you can learn from a cheerleader:

· You don't always win, but a cheerleader will still cheer you on.

· Learn from failure. All cheerleaders don't always have a solid routine, but they improve upon what did and did not go well so that the next time there is a solid performance.

· Show confidence even when you don't want to go out there and cheer others on.

· Be flexible and adapt. Cheerleaders must go with the flow of a fast-paced game or a game that seems to drag on forever.

· Smile. It makes a difference to yourself and the recipient of your smile.

What are other lessons out there that cheerleaders can give us?

So now, go start training your inner cheerleader.

Sometimes though you do need deeper support. A coach goes beyond being a cheerleader. Learn more about working with a leadership career coach. review my website and then book your own consult call.

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